Lady Gaga’s little monsters think that their father supports Trumpf and they are not happy.


Lady Gaga’s fans, affectionately known as “Little Monsters”, have expressed their anger on Twitter that her father supported President Donald Trump in Tuesday’s election, especially after the singer voted for former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign.

According to Billboard, the singer’s father, restaurant owner Joe Germanotta, showed his support for the President’s re-election campaign in several tweets that have since fallen silent. One simply contained Trump’s Twitter handle and “2020”, while another seemed to respond to an angry fan who was upset that the restaurant owner was supporting Trump. “You may have noticed that my political and spiritual beliefs are different. Freedom and choice would not be political,” he wrote, Billboard reported.

Gaga herself sent out a series of tweets in which she encouraged people to vote for Biden. She shared numerous tweets before election day and tried to push the fans to the polls.

Good morning PENNSYLVANIA! I am so excited to see you today and SING for you!!!!!!! I believe in ðYou and me! Let’s talk about what America looks like with a CHILD president. WE NEED EVERYONE VOTEâ¤ï¸ Iâm with @JoeBiden âLets go 24 hrs!!!!!! #Biden #AmericaNeedsPennsylvania

– Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) November 2, 2020

Some of Gaga’s fans have tweeted that it is particularly disturbing that her father supports Trump because of the president’s recent comments and his campaign on Gaga.

it’s one thing to be the kind of father who votes against his daughter’s rights in a kind of detached way, bc lord knows there are millions of them, but imagine a man personally attacking your child and you decide to support HIM? i hope she lets him rot in old age x

– G(host)ð” (@once again) November 4, 2020

I wonder what Lady Gagaâ’s father would think of making a donation to a candidate who would support his daughter

– Yann (@yannhatchuel) November 3, 2020

At a campaign rally on November 2, Trump said he “could tell you stories about Lady Gaga” after the singer appeared at a Biden rally. “Lady Gaga is not too good,” he said.

Trump goes to Lady Gaga because she supported Biden: “I could tell you stories about Lady Gaga…”

– The back calculation (@therecount) November 2, 2020

In a November 1 statement, Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh called the singer an “anti-fracking activist.

Nothing exposes Biden’s contempt for the forgotten working men and women of the PA more than a campaign featuring anti-fracking activist Lady Gaga.

This desperate effort to generate enthusiasm is in reality a sharp stick in the eye for 600,000 Pennsylvanians working in the fracking industry.

– Tim Murtaugh (@TimMurtaugh) November 1, 2020

Some Trump supporters were happy about the fact that Gaga’s father supported Trump in the now silent tweets and shared the news next to laughing emoticons.

ðððððððð Burned by her own father

Lady Gaga’s father supports Trump after the president beat the singer for the appearance in the Biden election campaign #FoxNews

– ðºð¸ðºð¸ðºð¸Erin B.â¢ðºð¸ðºð¸ðºð¸ (@IndigoCrow74) 4 November 2020

Other fans also asked Little Monsters not to bother Gaga about the details of their relationship with their own father.

Stop telling @ladygaga how she should feel about her father. THANK YOU.

– Wayne ð (@HausofWayne) November 4, 2020

On Monday, Gaga appeared in a drive-in rally in Pittsburgh in support of Biden, addressing voters and performing two songs – solo versions of her Oscar and Grammy-winning duo with Bradley Cooper, “Shallow” from A Star is Born and her Born this Way title “You and I”.

In her speech on Monday, Gaga called on fans and Biden supporters to vote for Trump from the White House. “To all women and all men with daughters and sisters and mothers, everyone, no matter how you identify yourself, now has the chance to vote against Donald Trump – a man who believes that his fame gives him the right to grab one of your daughters or sisters or mothers or wives by any part of your body,” she said to cheers and car horns. “Vote for Joe. He is a good man.”

Contacts for Gaga did not respond to the request sent by e-mail to Washington Newsday for a comment in time for publication….


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