Kid Rock supports GOP Senate candidate in advertising as celebrities focus on the Swing State Michigan.


Rap-rocker Kid Rock casts his vote in a new campaign campaign by John James, a Republican US Senate candidate for Michigan. The singer “Bawitdaba” is one of many celebrities addressing voters in the swing state.

The Michigan-born musician, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, tells voters that they have the chance to “bring a real American bada** to the U.S. Senate instead of a career politician,” and refers to his song “American Bad A**.

Ritchie cites James’ status as a combat veteran, West Point graduate and “job creator” as reasons to vote for the candidate. He also cites James’ opponent, incumbent Senator Gary Peters, as a “gas lighter” and “career politician.

War fighter against gaslighters. War veteran against career politician. Job creator against state regulatory agency.

Michigan, are we citizens or subjects?

The choice is yours…

– John James (@JohnJamesMI) October 29, 2020

James “wants to help others create jobs and get Michigan into work. He understands Michigan. We’ve worked to strengthen our families, get our communities more involved and help our neighbors first,” says the singer of Sweet Southern Sugar in the video.

Ritchie also publicly expressed his support for President Donald Trump in the run-up to the election. In a blog post in September, he wrote about how important it was for him to be able to attend a Trump rally in his home state, which the President had barely won in 2016.

Ritchie is not the only celebrity using his platform to influence voters in the swing state. Actor Tim Allen took part in a short publicity campaign in which he also called for people to vote for James, saying he embodied the values of Michigan. Michigan: “Michigan: a place where people respect and love each other,” he said. “This is John James defending our country, extending a healing hand, creating jobs that matter, and doing the work that really matters.

Other celebrities stood up for their opponents. Pop superstar Billie Eilish filmed a video shared by Peters in which he encouraged people to go out and vote. “What is happening in Michigan could determine the future of our country,” she said, “Please stay safe. Wear a mask. Please vote.”

Young people will determine the outcome of this election, and @BillieEilish knows that we all need to do two things:
1. wear a mask.
2. vote.

Make a plan at:

– Gary Peters (@GaryPeters) October 27, 2020

Peters showed a similar video by Cuz I Love You singer Lizzo, in which she explains to people how to vote. In the clip she showed her support for the campaign of Peters and former Vice President Joe Biden. “We must elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Gary Peters to bring our country together,” she said in the video before explaining how residents can vote.

Voting has never been easier in Detroit, Lizzoâs’ hometown.

Make sure you vote because, just as @Lizzo says, Michigan will determine the future of this country.

Make a plan:

– Gary Peters (@GaryPeters) October 30, 2020

Comey Rule actor Jeff Daniels took part in a more general advertisement in which he called on local voters to join him in voting for Biden. In the video, Daniels lists a number of Michigan values. “In Michigan, we don’t pound our chests or blow our own horns; we just do our job,” he says. “We take responsibility.”

Then the actor turns around to list criticisms of Trump. “Here in Michigan, we don’t believe in paying porn stars to shut up about who we really are, and we don’t think much of a man who doesn’t respect women,” he says. “We don’t think much of a man who doesn’t respect women,” he says.

At the end of the video, Daniels says he voted for Biden when the hashtag #AmericaNeedsMichigan appears. asked the John James campaign and Kid Rock’s label for comments, but did not receive a response in time for release.


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