“Ken Starr… …again?”: Monica Lewinsky jokes after Trump quotes the lawyer…


President Donald Trump supports his possible loss as president with words from a controversial source: the famous American lawyer Ken Starr. Much of the Internet was unhappy that Starr’s name came up in the protracted election week, but perhaps no one was as unhappy as Monica Lewinsky.

Starr led the investigation against Bill Clinton that uncovered his extramarital affair with Lewinsky during his presidency.

ken starr… again?! ð

– Monica Lewinsky (@MonicaLewinsky) November 6, 2020

Trump’s detailed quote from Starr, who joined Trump’s impeachment legal team in January, followed the President’s claims that election observers were excluded from overseeing the remaining vote counts in the 2020 presidential election.

âThis is what we know. We need to return to the state level and reflect on how this quagmire was created in the first place. The Governor, Wolf, and the State Supreme Court blatantly violated the US Constitution. The authority to set these rules and regulations lies with

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2020

In addition to a general statement about the alleged abuses, Starr highlighted Pennsylvania, a state that still counts votes.

“‘Pennsylvania has behaved in a terribly lawless manner, and,” said the third tweet from Trump. He continued, “‘Pennsylvania has behaved in a terribly lawless manner. “Hopefully this will be corrected in the United States Supreme Court. Moreover, these late ballots after election day are illegal, just what the president said. The Supreme Court could, under exceptional circumstances……. the Supreme Court could make decisions within a few days. Ken Starr, former Independent Legal Advisor”.


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