Joshua Jackson on Playing Dr. Christopher Duntsch in ‘Dr. Death’


Joshua Jackson on Playing Dr. Christopher Duntsch in ‘Dr. Death’

Dr. Death is based on the same-named Wondery podcast from 2018, which was aired one year after Duntsch was sentenced to life in prison for injuring one of his patients.

The Peacock series dives into the disturbing true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, following his rise and fall in the field of spine surgery, over the course of eight episodes.

Duntsch’s misconduct harmed 32 of his 38 patients in Texas throughout the course of his two-year operation. Floella Brown and Kellie Martin, two of his patients, died, while Jerry Summers, a buddy, became a quadriplegic.

In the series, Joshua Jackson plays Duntsch, a character who is significantly different from his recent roles in The Affair, Little Fires Everywhere, and When They See Us.

“He was interpersonally a monster, a horror to be around,” Jackson claimed of Duntsch. He was a fascinating, charming creature who regarded himself as the hero of his own story, despite the fact that he was still a monster. He considered himself as a superb surgeon as well as a brilliant doctor. A man who was a victim of lousy work and bad behavior by others.”

The “disconnect” between the physical facts and Duntsch’s conviction that he was a “great surgeon” drew him to the position, according to Jackson.

“Duntsch didn’t know he was twisted, and that is actually the crux of what is so exciting about playing him,” he told this website.

“From the outside, we can look at him; the outcome and facts are all you need, right? He literally devastated the life of every single patient he came into contact with.”

“The evidence that you and I can see as to what happened when he touched the world and what we believed the world to be is so far apart from each other,” he added. That chasm, that disparity, is really interesting for me as an actor to try and comprehend, such as “how do you think you’re the good guy in all of this when the evidence clearly shows you’re not?”

“I believe Christopher thinks he was a good surgeon; in fact, I believe he believes it.”

Duntsch’s life before becoming a doctor is also chronicled in the series, when he was a naive college student attempting to make it in the world. This is a condensed version of the information.


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