Jonathan Fisher Describes Matt Amodio’s Strict ‘Jeopardy!’ Schedule Prior to Loss.


Jonathan Fisher Describes Matt Amodio’s Strict ‘Jeopardy!’ Schedule Prior to Loss.

When Matt Amodio’s run on Jeopardy! came to an end on Monday night’s episode, a group of fans believed the champion had cheated.

The Ohio native was soundly defeated by actor Jonathan Fisher after a stunning 38 consecutive wins, which put him second only to all-time champ Ken Jennings in the show’s hall of fame.

Amodio was in second place coming into Final Jeopardy, trailing Fisher and fellow challenger Jessica Stephens by $5,600 to Fisher’s $29,200.

As viewers acclimate to a new Amodio-free normal, Fisher has highlighted how demanding the Yale Ph.D. student’s schedule was in a new column for The Washington Newsday, dismissing claims that the artificial intelligence researcher lost on deliberately.

With one week’s worth of episodes taped in a single day, Amodio had to deal with long days on the Los Angeles set, as well as follow the strict safety precautions put in place following the COVID outbreak.

Fisher noted in his essay, “Matt is such a brilliant player and such a stand-up man.” “I believe he was fatigued since there were instances when he taped three days in a row, which amounted to 15 games.”

“That’s a huge amount of labor, and JeopardyCOVID !’s protocols are really stringent and controlled.” As a result, it’s a significant physical and mental strain.” “I imagine if you ask James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings, they would admit that at some time you do feel pretty fatigued,” Fisher said, referring to other Jeopardy! superstars. “Matt did not throw the game,” Fisher stated emphatically. “Some suggested James Holzhauer threw his final game as well, and he responded by saying why would he give up a career that pays him hundreds of thousands of dollars to have toys thrown at him by his daughter?” “There’s also the aspect of luck,” Fisher continued, referring to how Amodio’s form had deteriorated during his fateful game. This was the first game in which Matt faced two powerful opponents who arrived at the same time. I know he came in with a couple of incorrect answers, which is unusual for him, so I suppose it’s a combination of all of those elements.

“And the buzzer is a pain to use.” At the start of the competition, the contestants are given buzzer practice. This is a condensed version of the information.


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