Jon Voight compares Joe Biden to Satan and says that the victory of the Democrats is the “biggest fight since the civil war”.


Jon Voight raised a few eyebrows today on Twitter because he posted a video attacking “leftists” in a bizarre tirade about good and evil in response to the election results.

The veteran actor – known to be an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, who was quite vocal in his advocacy of the Republicans in social media in the run-up to the election – seems to have taken the loss to heart.

“My fellow Americans, I am standing here,” says a sitting Voight into the camera. “For all the feelings I have, disgusted by this lie that Biden was elected.”

The midnight cowboy reads from the off of cue cards and continues: “As if we all didn’t know the truth. And if you try to cheat, we know you will get away with it, there will be a price to pay”.

We all know the truth

– Jon Voight (@jonvoight) November 11, 2020

The 81-year-old refers to the unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud that Trump and many Republicans are peddling and their refusal to allow Biden to run.

The Trump campaign has yet to produce evidence of fraud or misconduct that would suggest that the vote in the 2020 election was illegal.

“Those who are jumping for joy now are jumping for the horrors that lie ahead because I know that the promises made to the American people by the left will never be my friends of all colors, races and religions,” Voight continued.

The actor then conjured up the American Civil War, claiming that this was the greatest challenge to Americans since then, and described the Democrats’ victory as a “fight for justice against Satan.

“This is now our greatest fight since the Civil War, the battle of justice against Satan,” he said. “Yes, Satan.”

Voight went on to describe the left as “evil, corrupt, and they want to tear down this nation.

“We cannot allow that to happen. We must fight this corruption that has taken power and fight for the good that seems lost,” he said. “Let us put our trust in God and fight now for the victory of Trump, because we all know that this vote count is as corrupt as they are. So let us not back down. But let us fight this fight as if it were our last fight on earth.

Voight ended his speech with a quote from Muhammad Ali and added, “As Muhammad Ali said, ‘It is not beyond the last blow you have. God bless you.”
The video received both praise and criticism on Twitter.

Voight attended the Republican National Convention earlier this year where he gave a speech praising Trump’s coronavirus response.

He said, “We all know that criticism is easy. It takes a true leader to solve problems. COVID-19 While others criticized without finding solutions, President Trump saved lives through his swift action, and as leading Democrats want to maintain corporate closures, our President points the way to full economic recovery”.


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