‘Jeopardy!’ Mayim Bialik’s arrival as host has Matt Amodio “quite excited.”


‘Jeopardy!’ Mayim Bialik’s arrival as host has Matt Amodio “quite excited.”

Jeopardy! Mayim Bialik will take over as host of the show from Mike Richards, and champ Matt Amodio says he’s “really happy” for her to start.

Scandal-plagued Richards hosted the first episode of Season 38 of Jeopardy! He stepped down after a day of taping the programs.

And, with the news that Bialik will take over as host of the syndicated primetime quiz shows for the next few weeks, Amodio took to Twitter on Sunday to express his delight at her appointment.

“I’m extremely eager to get to meet @missmayim tomorrow on #Jeopardy, let’s start off the week with a bang!” Amodio posted ahead of The Big Bang Theory star Bialik’s episodes airing on Monday.

On Sunday, singer Michelle Branch tweeted Amodio to express her support, pointing out a clue he had properly answered concerning her husband Patrick Carney’s band, The Black Keys.

“So cool!!!!” Brand wrote, addressing Amodio personally. On @Jeopardy, @patrickcarney @nicbranch and I have been rooting for @AmodioMatt nightly. It was fantastic to watch him do this right #theblackkeys #ohio.”

“I’m a major admirer, I was very delighted when I saw that one!!,” said Amodio, a Ph.D. Yale computer science student.

In a new piece on This website, Bialik expressed her admiration for Amodio, who has a 23-game winning streak and earnings of $825,801—making him the third most successful Jeopardy! contestant on both counts.

“In the middle of Matt Amodio’s tenure, I got to take over hosting duties,” she wrote. I really marvel at how on the ball he is, how well-rounded and easygoing he is.”

On Jeopardy!, the actress will be the host. She will split presenting duties with all-time Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings from Monday till November 5. Ken Jennings, champion

I’m really looking forward to meeting @missmayim on #Jeopardy tomorrow; let’s get this week started right!

September 19, 2021 — Matt Amodio (@AmodioMatt)

After Richards stepped down in August amid anger over The Ringer’s report detailing a series of abusive statements he made while hosting a podcast in 2013-2014, Bialik and Jennings have taken over as hosts of the long-running show.

Richards had previously been the subject of reports. This is a condensed version of the information.


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