Jason Oppenheim, star of “Selling Sunset,” refers to his girlfriend Chrisell Stause as his “Top Agent.”


Jason Oppenheim, star of “Selling Sunset,” refers to his girlfriend Chrisell Stause as his “Top Agent.”

Jason Oppenheim, star of Selling Sunset, has praised his girlfriend Chrishell Stause, calling her “the finest agent” at his real estate agency.

Stause will be seen locking down a number of prime real estate deals throughout Los Angeles as the hit Netflix show returns for a fourth season, demonstrating the progress she has made since first walking through the gleaming doors of The Oppenheim Group in Season 1.

And business president and founder Oppenheim, whose relationship with Stause was made public in July, has shown great delight in his partner’s accomplishment.

Oppenheim told The Washington Newsday, “She’s absolutely becoming more and more successful in so many different areas.” “I mean, in terms of real estate, I honestly believe she is the top agent in the office, if not the top agent, in terms of output.

“She sells a lot of multimillion-dollar deals by herself. Both before and after our relationship, I mean. And unconcerned about our friendship. She’s only going to get better.” “Chrisell is now doing $5 million and $10 million transactions,” said Oppenheim, who was overjoyed. “In just three years’ time. It’s entertaining to see, not just because she’s a successful agent in my office, but also because it makes me proud to see my girlfriend succeed.” He went on to say about the Dancing With the Stars alum’s passion and determination outside of work: “She also published a book, which I believe will be released soon. As a result, I’ve been witnessing that process. Oh, my goodness, it’s so much effort that it’s making me want to give up on writing a book!” She was up till 2 a.m. last night, after all. It’s incredible how much work there is. It’s lovely because I like and respect her so much, and it’s incredible to be able to watch her… Of course, we have our relationship, and I get to witness her accomplishment, which is wonderful. It’s a lot of fun to see.” Oppenheim’s new romance has generated difficulties among the other agents, as he has previously been accused of favoritism in the office (his friend—and ex-girlfriend—Mary Fitzgerald was believed to be frequently given the nicer homes).

“I don’t believe it has impacted the office dynamic,” says the employee. This is a condensed version of the information.


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