Is the 2020 election like ‘The Notebook’? This fan says yes.


In case you haven’t heard, the results of the 2020 presidential election are still being tabulated. In Pennsylvania, Arizona, Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina and Nevada, the postal ballots and the ballot boxes are counted at the time of writing, which means it may take a little longer for President Donald Trump to be re-elected or for former Vice President Joe Biden to become the next President. Biden currently leads in both the electoral college and the popular vote.

Considering that there is still no final result, it is safe to say that many Americans are a little stressed and do not believe that two days have passed since election day and we still do not know who will be president next year.

One Twitter user noted that the past days remind us of the movie The Notebook from 2004. “I just remembered that this election follows the plot of The Notebook,” the user wrote on Wednesday night. Then she listed some common elements between the famous whiner and the 2020 election: a White House, mail that didn’t arrive, many fights, it wasn’t over and it still isn’t over.

The user accompanied the tweet with the image of a bearded Ryan Gosling as Noah standing in front of the White House building his character in the film.

I just remembered that this choice follows the plot of The Notebook:

– A White House
– Mail not received
– Many fights
– It was not over.
– It is still not over

– Toby Herman (@tobyherman27) November 5, 2020

And, hey, this person is not wrong! In The Notebook, Noah is renovating an old white house with columns resembling those of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Noah also writes Rachel McAdams’s Allie countless letters that are not opened immediately – such as how many postal slips and ballot papers are still waiting to be opened and billed. Allie and Noah also argue a lot during the film, for example how people protest against the election results that are not yet fixed.

Oh, and then there is the famous line Noah says to Allie before they hug in the rain: “It wasn’t over, it’s not over yet.

The tweet has been spreading since its original release. It has been tweeted over 10,000 times and has been liked almost 50,000 times. One person responded with a gift from Goslings Noah and shouted, “What do you want?” to draw attention to the protests around the country.

Trump supporters simultaneously shouted “Count the votes†and “Cancel the count†at ….

– Kyle (@Kyle23423206) November 5, 2020

Trump supporters have viralized themselves by singing demands in certain areas that all votes be counted, and also demands to stop counting in other areas.

Someone else on Twitter compared the two love interests of McAdams’ Allie-Noah’s Gosling and James Marsden’s Lon with the two presidential candidates. “It’s a battle for choice between two men,” they wrote, “one of whom is investing in building something sustainable, and the other who inherited everything from his daddy.

A struggle to choose between two men, one of whom invests in building something sustainable and the other inherited everything from his daddy.

– Mark DiStefano (@Mark_DiStefano) November 5, 2020

One user even went so far as to compare personal voting and voting by mail with Lon and Noah respectively.

Personal voting for mail-in voting

– C. Donovan Copeland (@cxcope) November 5, 2020

someone asked, “So if I watched the election coverage, does that mean I don’t have to watch The Notebook? Herman simply replied, “I mean, you’re missing something.

So if I watched the election coverage, does that mean I don’t need to watch The Notebook?

– Jack Gregson (@JFGinDigital3D) November 5, 2020

Regardless of what Noah says in the movie, it will all be over soon, folks.


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