Is SNL running tonight? Season 46, Episode 5 Host, musical guest.


There is a menacing knocking at the front door, disguised as the stress of the 2020 elections, but don’t open too quickly – there are still a few days to enjoy before the country turns into voter anxiety, if it hasn’t already. And luckily, Saturday Night Live is back to reassure voters before Tuesday’s election day officially begins.

But why dwell on a potentially shattering future when we can enjoy living in the present right now while contemplating the good times of the past? Let’s hope that this is the mood of the show on Saturday, especially since one fan favorite is returning as host for the millionth time.

So, let’s get down to business. All the information you need to know about the upcoming episode of SNL is summarized below for your convenience and convenience.

Who is moderating?

SNL graduate John Mulaney moderates for the fourth time. Oh, and he’s sorry for causing the pandemic.

In the SNL promo for the fifth episode of Season 46 (above), Mulaney reminds cast member Ego Ewodim that his last appearance on the show was in February, just weeks before the corona virus hit the US. Daniel Craig was allowed to host the series after Mulaney’s appearance, but after that the SNL’s studio production – as with many other series – was discontinued. The SNL team had to end the season and produce sketches and sketches separately from home.

“John Mulaney, you have cursed us,” Ewodim says in the promo video.

“Yes, I’m sorry about that,” Mulaney replies with a wink.

Who is the musical guest?

Another SNL replay – the Strokes are ready to enter the stage. Similar to Mulaney, their upcoming performance will be the fourth time in the show. However, it’s been a while since they last performed in 2011.

It is more than likely that The Strokes will play songs from their 2020 album The New Abnormal, which was released in April. When the album was first released, they were not able to go on tour due to COVID-19 locks, but now they finally get the chance to rock the stage.

When will SNL air?

The NBC comedy show starts on Saturday night at 23:30 ET.

Can SNL be broadcast live?

Yes! you can stream the show from the NBC website and the NBC app, but you need a login from the cable provider to access it. People with services like Hulu +Live, YouTube TV, Sling and other paid streamers can also receive the SNL episode in real time via their subscription.

In the meantime, all clips and highlights of the evening will be available for viewing on SNL’s YouTube shortly after the show if you want to see only the best sketches of the evening. And if you want to get in the mood for the SNL chatter, just follow the #SNL hashtag in social media.


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