In this shocking viral video, a man is suffocated by a puddle.


In this shocking viral video, a man is suffocated by a puddle.

When a man attempted to cross marshes on foot, he was swamped, and video of the incident had the internet in stitches.

The strong man can be seen warily creeping towards the enormous puddle of water in the video, which was published to TikTok by an account called The 3 Dumbbells.

He removes his sandals and holds them in his hand, wearing a blue shirt and cargo pants, before saying, “I don’t know how I’m going to go over.”

“I’m going to fetch my…look at my pants, they’re getting filthy.” I’ve got to try to get over there, given the state of my feet.”

He then takes a step into what appears to be shallow water and is instantly swallowed.

He reappears coated in dirt two seconds later, as the person filming can be heard chuckling away.

“Follow me she said, I know a muddy shortcut #muddy #muddypuddles #shortcut #Fuvahmulah #fuvumullah,” the 3 Dumbbells captioned the amusing video, which was published on July 22.

The horrific video, which can be viewed here, has received a lot of attention online, with more than 26.4 million views and 4.7 million likes.

Many individuals expressed their opinions on the amusing video in the comments area.


I know a muddy shortcut, she remarked. #muddy #muddypuddles #shortcut #Fuvahmulah #fuvumullah

The 3 Dumbbells âTM original sound

Mona, a TikTok user, said, “Y’all were laughing, but I was afraid.” He had been gone for much too long.”

“Bro didn’t even step to make sure… he just dropped,” Thee Finest Pearl Alive added.

“Unfortunately, this individual is now in an alternate reality, and the man who came out is his parallel,” Mikey Angelo typed.

“Man went to the center of the earth and came back,” GGDave joked.

“I literally can’t stop giggling omfg that was so unexpected hahahah,” Christine said.

“He took far too long to come back up,” Rebecca Koren revealed. For a brief moment, I was terrified. My husband had just asked if I was all right.”

“He definitely saw Jesus for a second there,” Larissa said.

Some people, however, claimed that the man’s mishap was caused by the camera, with AnegelaVid831 writing: “It’s. This is a condensed version of the information.


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