In this hilarious viral video, a barking dog is scared by Echo.


In this hilarious viral video, a barking dog is scared by Echo.

Dogs are not only a man’s best friend, but they can also protect us. However, one TikTok dog that has gone viral is unlikely to become a good security dog since he is afraid of an echo.

We can see a dog sitting on a sofa next to a person discreetly filming them in the video, which was submitted to the app by Erin Lynch, also known online as Eurn__.

The animal then barks many times while wiggling his tail, before finally emitting a loud bark that causes him to stop short in his tracks when it is repeated back to him.

As he glances around the room, astonished by what has just happened, the perplexed pet’s eyes expand humorously.

“Barks at himself and then gets afraid,” reads the text overlaid on the amusing film, which can be seen here.

“Snapchat memory of puppy Murph #dog #puppy #scaredycat,” Lynch writes in the caption.

Since its release on November 24, the video has received a lot of attention online, with over 3.1 million views.

It has also received over 723,300 likes, and many others have left their thoughts on the dog’s antics in the comments area.

#dog #puppy #scaredycat @eurn Snapchat memory of puppy Murph #dog #puppy #scaredycat Erin Lynch’s original sound Countrycrazy00, a TikTok user, joked from the animal’s point of view, “Am I the drama, I think I might be the drama?” Georgia Rassic Park, for example, adding, “Did you guys hear that?” I’m terrified. Guys, I’m not sure what that was…” “It’s the look up eye roll for me,” l5r21 typed beside a laughing-face emoji.

“My man’s got his own demons, y’all, let him live,” Benjamin joked.

“He thought the gods were speaking to him,” Hardest In The Room observed.

“Did he wreck and check himself at the same time?” Petegoff1121 wondered. Yes, he did,” says the narrator. “The neighbors undoubtedly adore that,” Adelasface remarked. A video of another dog imitating the sound of adjacent fire engines recently went viral.

Hannah West, the owner of Rigby the golden retriever, lives near a fire station and captioned the video of her dog howling, “The moment I realized living down the street.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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