In the wake of the admission of being a “f*****,” Matt Damon’s comments on “diversity” have resurfaced.


In the wake of the admission of being a “f*****,” Matt Damon’s comments on “diversity” have resurfaced.

Matt Damon’s divisive comments about diversity in Hollywood have resurfaced after the actor revealed in a new interview that he only recently quit using the homophobic term “f*****.”

According to The Sunday Times in the United Kingdom, the Good Will Hunting actor was admonished by his daughter for using the “f-word” in a joke he cracked months ago.

“The word my daughter refers to as a ‘f-slur for a gay’ was widely used when I was a kid, but in a different context,” Damon explained.

“I cracked a joke a few months back, and my daughter responded with a treatise. She walked away from the table.

“‘Come on, that’s a joke!” I exclaimed. It’s something I say in the movie Stuck on You!’ She went to her room and wrote a long, beautiful essay about how dangerous that term is. ‘I withdraw the f-word!’ I said. “I comprehended.”

Many on social media compared Damon’s comments to a 2015 incident in which he was chastised for his answer to a Black colleague’s worries about diversity in filmmaking.

Damon appeared to dismiss fellow producer Effie Brown’s concerns about a lack of diversity on their selected movie in the fourth season premiere of Project Greenlight, a documentary TV series tracking the efforts of first-time filmmakers producing their first feature.

Brown, whose credits include In The Cut and Dear White People, voiced worry during a meeting with Damon, Ben Affleck, and director Peter Farrelly that the sole black character in the script being produced was a prostitute who was physically assaulted by a white pimp.

She stated that it was critical to take this into account when choosing a diverse directorial team that could work to better depict this character on screen, and she indicated that Kristen Brancaccio and Leo Angelos, a white woman and a Vietnamese man, were the best candidates for the job.

“I just want people to think about whoever this director is, and how they’re going to handle Harmony’s role as a prostitute,” she remarked.

“Being a hooker who is hit by her white pimp, [she’s] the only black person.”

Matt Damon addressing the lone black person in the room in order to explain diversity to her is. This is a condensed version of the information.


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