In Season 7, Episode 8, Who Left ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?


In Season 7, Episode 8, Who Left ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

The “here for the right reasons” police struck again in the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, forcing another pair from the resort. After not being chosen by any of the men, four ladies were eliminated in a rose ceremony.

Chris Conran and Alana Milne were booted from Paradise last week after their fellow participants thought they had been dating before appearing on the ABC show.

However, once they were gone, the cast began to inquire about another pair that Bachelor Nation had been calling out online for dating before they joined BiP for weeks.

On Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, Episode 8, who quit?

Demi Burnett began calling out Brendan Morais and Pieper James as soon as Chris and Alana left, as teased in the previous show.

Brendan defended himself by claiming that they had only hung out one-on-one a couple times before appearing on the show. Unfortunately for him, Us Weekly had already revealed that he was dating Pieper a few months before Bachelor in Paradise premiered. Bachelor Nation members have also been posting images of the couple on Instagram.

The participants gathered for Brendan and Pieper after Chris and Alana said their goodbyes. Despite the fact that the cast has no legal authority to order a pair out, they made it obvious that they would not be invited in the future.

After that, the two decided to leave Bachelor in Paradise. Fans have seen the couple together since they recorded the show, but unlike Chris and Alana, it does not appear that the experience has ruined their relationship.

In the Bachelor in Paradise rose ceremony, who made it out alive?

The rose ceremony this week begins with a surprise for Natasha, the woman who has been most harmed by Brendan’s game plan.

Despite the fact that she had not been matched with any men, Wells the bartender started by giving her an additional rose to offer her a second chance at love now that Brendan had left.

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