In Netflix’s ‘Locke & Key,’ who plays Dodge?


In Netflix’s ‘Locke & Key,’ who plays Dodge?

Locke and Key returns to Netflix for a second season, bringing with it more twists and turns, body flipping, and strange happenings.

Dodge, nicknamed Echo, is at the center of it all, a demonic entity determined to uncover the secret set of keys concealed in the mansion and the town in which it is set.

Season 1 was only launched on Netflix in 2020, despite the fact that it seems like an eternity ago.

Here’s a handy primer to the character—and the woman who plays her—for those who are having trouble remembering what happened in Matheson and who the heck Dodge is.

In ‘Locke and Key,’ who plays Dodge?

Laysla De Oliveira, a Canadian-Brazilian actress, plays Dodge/Echo in the hit Netflix fantasy series.

De Oliveira has won roles in The Gifted, Gothica, and Guest of Honour since her debut in the 2012 TV series Covert Affairs.

The Netflix star also has a sizable Instagram following, where she publishes luxurious travel photographs, selfies, and promotional shots.

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