In an Instagram post, Britney Spears appears to take a swipe at her sister’s book deal.


In an Instagram post, Britney Spears appears to take a swipe at her sister’s book deal.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Britney Spears appeared to take a dig at her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

Jamie Lynn Spears, 30, shared the cover of her book, Things I Should Have Said, on Instagram on Monday, revealing that she will be “talking up about my own mental health” in it.

The title of the book, I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring It Out, was disclosed earlier this year. The working title pulled a line from Britney Spears’ first single “… Baby One More Time,” which caused controversy. Jamie Lynn Spears unveiled the revised cover and title after Worthy Publishing said the unconfirmed news had been “erroneously disseminated online,” according to Page Six.

Britney Spears, 39, appeared to take a sly dig at her sister’s book venture when she wrote beside a photo of herself on Instagram: “Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I’m thinking about publishing a book next year, but I’m having trouble coming up with a title, so perhaps my fans can help!!! ” Option #1… “S***, I have no idea” Option #2… “I am really concerned about what other people think”!!!! ” What are your thoughts????” One of the singer’s fans suggested, “The things my sister shouldn’t have said,” while another remarked, “Lmaooo I’m enjoying this shade.” The Spears sisters’ relationship appeared to be deteriorating in recent months, as seen by their comments and posts on social media.

Britney Spears took to Instagram in July, as her conservatorship struggle heated up, to tell an unnamed person to “stop with the righteous approach when you’re so far from righteous.”

Days later, the “Toxic” singer grew more personal in her remarks, calling out her younger sibling Jamie Lynn Spears for singing her sister’s 2011 single “Till the World Ends” at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards.

“I don’t like that my sister went up at an awards event and sang MY SONGS to remixes!!!!!” Britney Spears tweeted beside a photograph splashed with the words “Take me as I am or eat s*** and tread on Lego.” My so-called support system caused me a great deal of pain!!!! This is a condensed version of the information.


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