In an immigration rant, Tucker Carlson says he wants to live in a “clean country.”


In an immigration rant, Tucker Carlson says he wants to live in a “clean country.”

In a recent podcast appearance, Tucker Carlson went on a rant about immigrants, declaring that he wants to live in a “clean country.”

“People in advanced, civilized countries are tidy and clean—they don’t throw McDonald’s out the window or leave filthy diapers by the riverbank.” Carlson answered, “I’m sorry, they don’t.”

On October 14, the conservative television personality made the remarks while appearing on the political debate show Vince & Jason Save The Nation.

Political commentators Vince Coglianese and Jason Nichols host the show. On their most recent episode, they explored immigration, segregation, and vaccine mandates.

Throughout the nearly two-hour show, immigration was covered extensively, with Carlson stating that immigrants produce excessive trash.

The podcast asks at the end of the conversation, “Are immigrants benefiting the economy?”

Carlson has stated that “immigrants make this country poorer and dirtier,” according to Nichols.

“Research demonstrates that immigrants fill holes in the economy; they establish firms at twice the rate of native-born Americans, and immigrants founded 45 percent of Fortune 500 companies,” Nichols said.

“They contribute to American programs like social security, and immigrants contributed $2 trillion to the economy in 2016 and $480 billion in tax revenue in 2018.” They also invest $1.2 trillion in local economies nationwide.” According to Nichols, U.S. citizens are twice as likely to be jailed for violent felonies and four times as likely to be arrested for property crimes than undocumented immigrants, according to studies from the University of Wisconsin.

“Can we conclude from that information that immigration make us wealthier and cleaner?” Nichols had enquired.

During Nichols’ remarks, Carlson laughed before saying, “It seems like American citizens suck.”

“Everything you’ve stated supports our starting premise, which is that ‘immigrants are lot more amazing than individuals who voted for Donald Trump or are dying of fentanyl in a hollowed-out mill town.'”

This is the attitude that underpins our immigration policy: we’re giving up on people who were born in this country.”

Carlson then clarified what he meant when he said immigrants make America “dirtier.”

“I was commenting on the dirtier subject. This is a condensed version of the information.


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