In an epic wedding fail, the bride sets fire to the flowers during the first dance.


In an epic wedding fail, the bride sets fire to the flowers during the first dance.

A wedding is a celebration of two people’s love for each other in front of friends and family for many people, and the day is under a lot of pressure to be flawless.

Despite all of the planning and primping, things may still go awry, as one TikTok bride recently discovered.

The bride, who is wearing a lovely voluminous dress and net veil, can be seen dancing while carrying a bouquet in a video published to the app by Emily Jackson.

She then arranges the flowers on a table covered in lit candles, with all of the guests watching.

The bouquet catches fire and is engulfed in flames as she turns to the groom to begin dancing.

A photographer dressed in a brown outfit dashes over and grabs the flame plants, tossing them to the ground.

A surprised crowd erupts in applause as a male guest begins stamping on the blooms to identify the flames.

“Redemption since TikTok took it down for harmful acts #HoldMyMilk #weddingfail #ohno #weddingbouquet #oops #foryou,” Jackson writes in her caption, referring to the film that was unintentionally removed from the platform on May 31.


Since TikTok took it down for hazardous behaviors, it has been resurrected. original sound – Emily Jackson #HoldMyMilk #weddingfail #ohno #weddingbouquet #oops #foryou The amusing video, which you can watch here, has gotten a lot of attention on the app, with over 1.6 million views.

It has also received over 324,000 likes, and many others have weighed in on the situation in the comments area.

“I would’ve left lol I’d be so ashamed [laughing-face emoji],” Deslilpstickkk wrote.

“She’s lucky she didn’t light her clothing on fire,” Amy708281, another TikToker, commented.

“And just like that, the venue’s candle policy has changed,” Kaarin laughed.

“I would simply die [of embarrassment],” Rachel Richards revealed.

Some social media users expressed their admiration and admiration for the female photographer’s quick responses.

“Shout out to the lady with the camera who put out the fire!” Erks typed. “Where are the men?” “Wedding photographers have no fear and will go to any length for the bride,” Hannah explained. “The photographer really took a big ball of fire and put it out,” Rissa explained. This is a condensed version of the information.


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