In Adorable Viral Video, Rejected Puppy Clambers on Top of Sleepy Siblings to Nap.


In Adorable Viral Video, Rejected Puppy Clambers on Top of Sleepy Siblings to Nap.

If you need a pick-me-up today, this viral video of a puppy attempting to fit in with the rest of the litter is just what you need.

A litter of golden puppies can be seen resting together on a grass in footage submitted to TikTok by Freddie Grogono, also known on the app as RubberGoooooooose.

The adorable video, which has received over 3.9 million views, gets even cuter when another puppy runs into the group.

The pets don’t respond to the animal’s attempts to infiltrate the litter’s snuggles because they look to be asleep.

The lively youngster then clambers on top of the pack to assume its napping space after failing to snuggle in.

“Sometimes you just have to…” Grogono captioned the romantic moment.

The touching video, which can be viewed here, has received over 377,000 likes.

More than 1,890 individuals have flocked to the comments area to express their feelings on the cute video.


You just have to… Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Wooffinesse, a TikTok user, wrote, “Excuse me, I’m late, is there a tiny room for me left?”

“Puppy pile it’s a puppy pile this is not a drill,” Amanda BB said.

“When they’re fully grown, that’ll be the one believing they’re a lapdog,” Emma said.

Loc “Hence the term”Dog Pile,” the Mugi explained, “but I suppose what we have here is Pupper pool.”

“I get the feeling they’ll be split up soon,” SWunnydayz007 typed. I’d have to keep all of them.”

“Literal dog pile,” Heather exclaimed, “I want to be in the thick of them.”

“Not going to lie, I assumed that was a fire pit, but it’s too cute,” Ashlee admitted.

“Let me into this cuteness circle of cuddles!!!!!,” ThickAzF***k said. Lol.”

A Labrador puppy appears to be playing the drums in another dog video that has just gone viral on TikTok.

Imperial Point Animal Hospital uploaded the video to the app, which shows a little black puppy resting in front of an overturned metal bowl.

The result is both, as a veterinary technician holds his arms and hits the homemade drum with the pet’s paws while listening to a soundtrack. This is a condensed version of the information.


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