In a video that has been viewed over 2 million times, a woman says that a restaurant isn’t the right place for an autistic child.


In a video that has been viewed over 2 million times, a woman says that a restaurant isn’t the right place for an autistic child.

A video, which claims to show a mom being confronted over her kids’ allegedly bad behavior, is circulating on TikTok and leaving viewers enraged. Since it was uploaded four days ago, the clip, found here, has been viewed 2.2 million times, generating over 73,000 likes.


Since the original was booted. Karen had meltdown over kids talking and laughing. #karens #karensgoingwild #karensoftiktok

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According to TikToker @bamskye2426’s viral video—and her multiple follow-up videos—she was eating at a restaurant with her kids, as well as her friend and their child, at the time of the event. The group was then approached by a woman who began “having a tantrum over [the]youngsters talking and laughing.” The TikToker makes it clear in her video that her closest friend’s child, who was there for the meal, suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Approximately one out of every 160 children worldwide is identified as having ASD, representing a wide range of expressions and experiences. However, despite it being a relatively widespread diagnosis, “people with autism are often subject to stigma, discrimination and human rights violations.”

Midway into the argument, @bamskye2426 informs the woman that they have “an autistic child at [their]table.”

“I understand that,” replied the woman. However, she soon adds: “This is not the place.”

She advised, “Take them to Chuck E. Cheese.”

In the video’s onscreen captions, the TikToker noted that the kids “[weren’t] yelling” and “didn’t leave the table.”

Following the event, the woman allegedly “demanded and received free food.”

A follow-up video claimed to show the behavior that allegedly sparked the woman’s meltdown. In the clip, two children are shown merely laughing and playing with one another.

Thousands of fans have sent supportive comments on @bamskye2426’s videos.

“This has always bothered me,” wrote @GingerDD in a popular comment. “Don’t go to a family restaurant if you don’t want noise.”

Some referred to the woman as “ableist” and “bigoted,” while others noted that the restaurant where they were seated was clearly a casual, family-friendly institution.

Several parents and relatives of children with ASD also spoke up in the comments section, expressing dismay at the woman’s actions. “If she had said that to me about my ASD son she would have caught these hands,” wrote @user3810673334654.

Many others pointed out that, strangely, the woman’s confrontation was producing far more “racket and disorder” than the children. This is a condensed version of the information.


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