In a video, a distraught father offers his daughter $2,000 if she refuses to get vaccinated.


In a video, a distraught father offers his daughter $2,000 if she refuses to get vaccinated.

The video of a Kentucky father giving his daughter $2,000 to not take the coronavirus vaccine due to safety concerns has gone viral on the internet.

The distressed father can be heard pleading with his child in the TikTok video, which was taken without his knowledge. “It is not by definition a vaccine,” he says in the video, which was tweeted by @appaloosauce.

When his daughter, Brianna, asks what he believes it is, he answers, “It is a human trial, it is genetic therapy…

It hasn’t been cleared by the FDA.”

The FDA has permitted the use of COVID vaccinations in an emergency situation rather than authorizing them through the normal procedures because doing so would add another year to the process and result in many more deaths. The vaccines are expected to go through the FDA clearance process in the near future, but the epidemic has taken precedence.

“Why are you trying to pay me off with it though?” the daughter, who eventually took the vaccine, asks her father.

As he speaks, his voice becomes agitated: “Because I love you, why do you think I want to buy you off?”

When Brianna expresses her dissatisfaction with the money, he responds, “I know you don’t want it, but I don’t know what else to do.”

“You didn’t do this to Michael and Kelsey, they already knew,” the young woman says.

The man sobs as he says, “Don’t you think I know that, don’t you think I know that?” What do you think, am I completely insane? It was given to you by your mother. Why do you think I’m fing crazy?”

He then exclaims: “My family is gone, my family is gone. By the end of this flu season most of them will be dead. What the f*** do you expect me to be?”


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The emotional video, which was posted on May 25, has so far received more than 114,600 views. It has also been shared widely on Twitter.

Many took to the comments section to share their sympathy with Brianna and concerns about her father’s words.

One TikTok user, Lynn Chavira, wrote: “I really. This is a brief summary.


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