In a tear-jerking viral video, a woman dances while carrying her 93-year-old grandmother.


In a tear-jerking viral video, a woman dances while carrying her 93-year-old grandmother.

A grandma posted a video on Facebook demonstrating how she dances with her grown-up granddaughter, and the video has now gone viral.

Fran, a 93-year-old woman, shared the video on her TikTok account Fran the hip gram, which has received over 6.2 million views.

Fran carries her baby granddaughter, who appears to be around three years old, as they joyously dance around the kitchen in vintage camcorder film.

In the background, Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” plays.

“When you used to carry your granddaughter to dance, but now, at 92, she carries you,” reads text overlaid on the footage.

Fran’s granddaughter, now fully grown, is seen lifting the nonagenarian and dancing outside on a grass.

Fran wrote: “#remix #fyp #throwbacksongs #friendship #grandma #showyourglow #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #fyp #

Since it was posted on September 11, the cute video has gotten a lot of attention online, with 1.5 million people liking it.

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♬ Whitney Houston’s “I Want to Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)”

The video has received over 24,300 comments, with many people swooning over the cute moment.

MB, a TikTok user, wrote: “I love it… My eyes are welling up with tears because of you… beautiful.”

“This made me cry,” said another person, Leena Bridgemohan. God bless you; you are a wonderful grandson. Grandma is the most wonderful person in the planet. This is the definition of true love. This is very stunning. You brightened her day.”

“I’m laughing, crying, and smiling,” Deanett Upchurch typed. Absolutely stunning.”

“This is the most wholesome thing,” Kodye Elyse Official wrote alongside a slew of sad-face emojis.

“I love this, she’s so precious,” Corey said. “I miss my granny terribly.”

“Ahhh that put such a big smile on my face,” Jem exclaimed.

“This is more special than you may think,” Ashley said.

“This is the nicest thing I’ve ever seen on here!!!!,” Leah Canter said.

“If there is a video that should be at the top of TikTok, this is it!!!! My mother is 79 and not in excellent health, therefore this brings a smile to my face.”

“I just my granny this week appreciate every memories you,” Bethany revealed. This is a condensed version of the information.


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