In a stunning video that has been viewed over 70 million times, a dog completes a flower painting.


In a stunning video that has been viewed over 70 million times, a dog completes a flower painting.

Dogs have a lot of amazing qualities, but artistic skill isn’t usually one of them. However, as seen in a viral TikTok video, one dog is proving critics wrong with its stunning painting.

Secret is the star of the video, an Australian Shepherd with human-like skills who has amassed a sizable online following. Her owner, Mary, runs the TikTok account @my aussie gal, which chronicles her exploits.

Secret’s talents appear to be cross-species. In previous viral videos, the dog may be seen playing guitar, practicing yoga, folding laundry, and even shooting her own TikTok films.

The dog has returned, this time with a magnificent work of representative art. The video begins with Secret using her mouth to place a canvas on an easel. She then uses the brush between her teeth to paint a blue backdrop across the canvas. She then adds a green stem with leaves, followed by a yellow, round form that represents the flower itself.

She then returns to offer some more details. She gives the flower a brown core and adds a couple additional leaves to the stalk.

Secret runs toward the camera with paint marks on her nose, then sits proudly next to her creation at the end of the film.

The TikTok has been viewed 70 million times on the app since it was launched earlier this month, with over 14 million likes and 260,000 comments.

One of the most popular comments reads, “Am I trippin or did I just see a dog paint a flower,” and has received over 850,000 likes. Others half-joked that Secret is even “better at sketching” than them, while others cynically mocked their own dogs’ less impressive “skills,” such as “drinking out of the toilet bowl” and “walking into walls.”

Meanwhile, Mary responded to a few frequent misconceptions about the video in the comments area. Some questioned whether Secret could have finished the painting on her own, assuming that Mary was holding the brush under the dog’s mouth invisibly. Others pointed to the widespread idea that dogs are colorblind, implying that Secret couldn’t have picked the colors herself.

Mary claimed that the footage was the culmination of “[six]years of training” with Secret. She. This is a condensed version of the information.


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