If Prince Charles is to be accepted as King, he must overcome the following obstacles.


If Prince Charles is to be accepted as King, he must overcome the following obstacles.

The Crown suffered a ratings plummet in support for Prince Charles as a future monarch, prompting the cash-for-honors scandal.

Since December 2020, more people in the United Kingdom believe the Prince of Wales would make a bad monarch than a good one, according to YouGov.

It also comes after three employees at his charity, the Prince’s Foundation, resigned over allegations that a Saudi billionaire was given assistance in obtaining a knighthood and British citizenship in exchange for donations.

The Throne

In June 2020, 38 percent of people thought the next-in-line to the throne would be a good president, compared to 30% who did not.

However, in November, the fourth season of Netflix’s The Crown premiered, with Emma Corrin portraying Princess Diana’s bulimia while Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) had an affair behind her back.

Only a month later, YouGov pollsters in the United Kingdom found that 32 percent of people thought he would make a suitable king, while 33 percent did not.

The program swept the Emmys on Sunday, taking home 11 awards, including outstanding actor in a drama for O’Connor, who portrays Charles in a rage at one point.

Prince Charles has more to look forward to, as Netflix is set to release two more seasons of The Crown, including one next year that will depict some of the most tumultuous years of their relationship’s disintegration.

Harry, Prince of Wales

Since then, things haven’t gotten any better, with Prince Harry making additional charges against the 72-year-old.

The Duke of Sussex told Oprah Winfrey that his father cut him off financially last summer after refusing to take his calls when he was trying to negotiate his way out of the royal family.

By the end of May, YouGov had observed a further dip, with only 31% believing Charles would make a suitable monarch, compared to 35% who did not.


Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana in Spencer, a Pablo Larran biopic about her realizing she no longer wants to be a future queen, which will be released in November.

According to historical statistics from Ipsos Mori, Prince Charles fared well in Britain until his terrible breakup with Diana.

When asked if he’d make a good king, 82 percent responded yes. This is a condensed version of the information.


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