‘I Worked With Anthony Bourdain for 14 Years: In Real Life, He Was So Much More Intense’.


‘I Worked With Anthony Bourdain for 14 Years: In Real Life, He Was So Much More Intense’.

A few months after graduating from college in 2002, I began working on Anthony Bourdain’s debut episode, A Cook’s Tour. I was a tape logger at the time, and I had to carry a VHS rough cut of an episode to Tony’s apartment once or twice. I was quite apprehensive the first time I gave it. Tony opened the door after I knocked, but before I could say anything, he grabbed the tape and shut the door in my face. That made me laugh, but when I told him about it many years later, he didn’t like it. He probably thought it made him appear out of touch. That wasn’t the case; he was just a bashful person.

I was hired as a post-producer for Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations when it was approved in 2005. I was trapped in the edit room for the first season, and while I had a working connection with Tony and worked with him on voice over sessions during that time, my first journey out in the field as a producer didn’t happen until a year later, to Moscow in 2006.

We had a fixer, a local driver, a few cases of equipment, and we all rode in the van together, including Tony, in those early days. We had planned a scene where Tony would fly aboard a Russian fighter jet on that trip. The cameraman in the plane was making changes to the camera, but Tony was always eager to get moving, even back then. So the plane took off, and Tony said it was the most fantastic, life-changing experience of his life when it landed. He was eager to see the clip, but all that was captured was Tony rushing the cameraman. Because the cameraman was nervous, he “double punched,” meaning he hit “record” and then “stop.” Tony was inconsolably upset. But the source of my concern was my fear that Tony would die. The airplane’s maintenance crew had requested some of our gaffer tape to repair the wing, which worried me; this was a. This is a condensed version of the information.


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