Huff says Joe Biden has to make me wear a mask


The former MLB player Aubrey Huff did not take the news of Joe Biden’s mask confession well, saying the president-elect had to make him wear a face mask.

Mr. Biden argued that Americans must wear masks for 100 days, as the number of COVID-19 cases has risen to over 14 million.

However, this plea met with anger and mistrust among the supporters of President Donald Trump, as the response to the pandemic remains a deeply biased issue for some Americans.

One Trump supporter who met the new masked appeal with anger was Huff, who threatened Biden with a tweet reading: “You must make me JoeBiden. Good luck.”

You’re gonna have to make me JoeBiden. Good luck.

– Aubrey Huff (@aubrey_huff) December 4, 2020

Although it is doubtful that Biden will try to violently put a mask on the former athlete himself, Huff tweeted directly to the former vice president.

“On the first day of my inauguration, I will ask the public for 100 days for the mask,” Biden said in an interview broadcast on CNN on Thursday. “Just 100 days to mask me, not forever. One hundred days.”

As of December 3, 282,829 people in the United States have died of COVID-19, while 14,535,196 people have been infected – most of them worldwide.

“And I think we’ll see a significant decrease if this happens with vaccination and masking,” Biden added.

Huff has repeatedly railed against wearing masks. On November 16, he twittered, “I’m not wearing a mask because I’m protecting you from tyranny. #COVID19 = Flu.”

I’m not wearing a mask because I protect you from tyranny. #COVID19 = Flu

– Aubrey Huff (@aubrey_huff) November 16, 2020

Huff is not the only one who protests against this latest battle in the mask wars.

Georgian Congressman elect Majorie Taylor Greene tweeted: “WE WILL NOT ADD!

The author and radio host Todd Starnes tweeted: “We will not yield! “Biden says he will ask Americans to wear face masks for the first 100 days of his term. I’m not sure that’s enough to stifle the stench of his leftist, America-last agenda.

Last week Huff made headlines for his remarks about International Men’s Day.

“Happy International Men’s Day for you guys who don’t like to wear clothes, drink soy lattes or drive a Prius,” tweeted Huff, who famously wore his wife’s underwear during the MLB playoffs at one point in his career.

Huff has retired from baseball since 2014, but often draws attention to himself through his inflammatory remarks on Twitter. For example, he recently called Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse “a national treasure.


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