How to Sign Up for HBO Max Europe and Where to Watch


How to Sign Up for HBO Max Europe and Where to Watch

The streaming portal HBO Max Europe has arrived in Europe.

HBO Max, which includes episodes including Gossip Girl, Succession, and Mare of Easttown, is now available in six European nations after previously being available only in the United States. Only 7 weeks after the introduction in Copenhagen on September 8, the service is now available to some European subscribers.

Everything you need to know about HBO Max Europe may be found in the Washington Newsday.

Where to Watch HBO Max Europe and How to Sign Up

HBO Max Europe is giving a discount to potential subscribers from Tuesday, October 26 to Tuesday, November 30.

Customers can sign up for HBO Max for half the monthly retail price for as long as they stay subscribed to the platform for a limited time. If you wish to return after unsubscribing, you will be charged the full purchase fee.

HBO Max Europe is much less expensive than its competitors, such as Disney and Netflix, with the initial offer. For the time being, HBO Max Europe is only available in Spain, Andorra, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

If you sign up for HBO Max between now and November 30, the Washington Newsday has a comprehensive analysis of the monthly pricing for each country.

Sweden: 44.50 SEK

NOK 44.50 NOK 44.50 NOK 44.50 NOK 44.50 NO

Finland: EUR 4.49Denmark: DKK 8.99Denmark: DKK 8.99Denmark: DKK 8.99Den

EUR 4.49 for Spain and Andorra

The usual monthly pricing for HBO Max Europe after November 30 will be:

Sweden: 89.00 SEK

NOK 89.00 (Norway)

DKK 79.00 DKK 79.00 DKK 79.00 DKK 79.00 DKK 7


EUR 8.99 for Spain and Andorra

You must have the HBO Max app to watch HBO Max in Europe, which is available on all smart TVs, game consoles, and streaming devices.

HBO Max intends to expand its platform throughout Europe, with the goal of reaching 21 more European and Asian nations in the future.

“As well as bringing together the very best entertainment, movies, kids programming, and original series on one streaming platform available on every screen, we are offering customers outstanding value with a once in a lifetime promotion in addition to a new annual subscription, making it easy for customers to enjoy everything they love,” said Christina Sulebakk, general manager of HBO Max EMEA.

What HBO Max Europe shows are available?

HBO Max is a series on HBO. This is a condensed version of the information.


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