How to Read the Books in the ‘Virgin River’ Series in Order


How to Read the Books in the ‘Virgin River’ Series in Order

Virgin River Season 3 is currently available on Netflix, and the drama series is still among the top ten drama series on the platform. Mel is played by Alexandra Breckenridge, while Jack is played by Martin Henderson, who were both introduced in Robyn Carr’s first Virgin River novel. There are a total of 21 novels for fans to lose themselves in.

How to Read the Books in the ‘Virgin River’ Series in Order

Virgin River debuted on Netflix in 2019, more than a decade after Robyn Carr’s first novel in the series was published. The Virgin River novel series, like the Netflix version, is situated in the fictional town of Virgin River in North California and covers the professional and personal lives of its citizens.

Virgin River, the first book, was published in 2007. The tale follows Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), a midwife and nurse practitioner who moves to the little village of Virgin River, as shown in the first season of Virgin River.

Mel, who has recently been widowed, seizes the opportunity to relocate to the little town in the hopes of making a new start.

While things don’t go as planned at first, everything changes when she meets Jack Sheridan, a local bartender and former marine (Martin Henderson).

Season one on Netflix combines storylines from the first two books, Virgin River and Shelter Mountain, and season two combines storylines from Shelter Mountain and the third book, Whispering Rock.

The lives of Jack and Mel are not the center of the entire novel series. Many other characters from the novel series have yet to make their way to the small screen.

In Angel’s Peak, towards the midway point in the trilogy, readers meet long-lost lovers Franci and Sean, who reunite in Virgin River after years apart.

Their reunion compels them to face some unpleasant truths from their history, including the shocking revelation that Franci was previously pregnant with Sean’s child.

Carr released Return to Virgin River, the series’ 21st installment, in October 2020.

In the most recent work, we follow Kaylee Sloan, a successful author who is mourning the death of her mother.

Kaylee travels to Virgin River, determined to get back to work and overcome her writer’s block. This is a condensed version of the information.


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