How the UK’s lockdown restrictions are being loosened


How the UK’s lockdown restrictions are being loosened

As on Monday, up to 30 individuals will be free to meet outside as restrictions in Wales are lifted further.

The Welsh Government said on June 7 that the country will begin a phased transition to alert level one, allowing large outdoor events to resume.

Here’s how limits are being eased in each of the UK’s four nations:

– What’s going on in Wales?

From June 7, groups of up to 30 individuals can congregate outside, even in private gardens, while up to three households can congregate within.

Concerts, football matches, and sporting activities for up to 4,000 people standing and 10,000 people seated will resume.

Before June 21, the stepwise relaxation of coronavirus safeguards will be examined to see if indoor events can resume.

Although live performances are now permitted in hospitality locations, they are nonetheless subject to severe public health regulations.

Currently, groups can only consist of up to six persons from six different families, and audiences and performers must be separated by two meters “as much as it is practical.”

With the reopening of indoor hospitality and entertainment venues on May 17, Wales was upgraded to Alert Level 2.

Indoor service was reopened for pubs, restaurants, bars, and cafes, as well as entertainment facilities such as theaters, allowing up to 30 people to participate in organized indoor activities and up to 50 people to participate in organized outdoor activities.

Weddings can have up to 30 guests, while the number of mourners allowed during funerals has been increased to accommodate the venue’s safe capacity.

University students could return to campus for in-person lectures, while secondary school students no longer need to wear face masks in class and social areas.

The “remain in the UK” limitation was also eliminated, allowing persons to go to nations on the “green list” without having to quarantine if they take one post-arrival test.

– What’s going on in Scotland?

However, plans to relax lockdown restrictions over parts of Scotland have been put on hold. (This is a brief piece.)


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