How the New Netflix Dating Show’s ‘Sexy Beasts’ Disguises Were Created


How the New Netflix Dating Show’s ‘Sexy Beasts’ Disguises Were Created

Netflix is launching a dating program that is actually loaded with attractive animals.

The faces of four single people are hidden behind layers of movie-quality make-up and prosthetics in each episode ofSexy Beasts. The goal is for three competitors to persuade the picker that they are a perfect match for each other based solely on their personality.

In the first season, which is now available on Netflix, there are 24 costumes on show. Kristyan Mallett, a make-up effects specialist for cinema and television, was interviewed for this website.

Mallett and his business, KM Effects, have worked on a slew of projects, including the Harry Potter films, the Mission: Impossible trilogy, and the Netflix series Black Mirror. He also contributed to the BBC’s original Sexy Beasts series, which aired in 2014.

Mallett was commissioned by Netflix to develop 24 designs for the first season and another 24 for the second season, which will premiere later this year. He and his crew needed to make three masks for each participant, one for each day of production, because each episode of the show is shot over three days.

Mallet explained, “There are 48 personalities, but there were actually 144 sets of prosthetics.” “These prosthetics would now include the entire back of the head, face, and cheek. The concept was that we had to fully conceal their face, and with prosthetics, less is usually more.

“We decided to use foam latex for everything because it can be stretched further. On camera, it doesn’t look as good as silicone, which we generally use, but it’s fine for this because it’s just for fun.

“A lot of them had fur or feathers on them. “It was all a lot of fun and a little silly,” Mallett added.

He and his team are used to working on violent, scary, and often intimidating prosthetics and effects for movies, but Netflix wanted the dating show characters to be sexier than monster.

“We were told, ‘We like this, we like this,’ when we gained approval. Is it possible to get rid of those characters? They’re a little too frightening. Is it possible to acquire anything a little lighter? ‘” Mallett explained.

“Everything we did had to be lighthearted, colorful, welcoming, not too scary, and a little ridiculous. Some things you know will appear ludicrous, but that’s part of the fun. This is a condensed version of the information.


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