How the Henry Golding Film ‘Snake Eyes’ Connects to ‘G.I. Joe’


How the Henry Golding Film ‘Snake Eyes’ Connects to ‘G.I. Joe’

Snake Eyes premiered its first trailer during the MTV Movie & TV Awards, giving fans their first look at Henry Golding, who played the double samurai sword-wielding ninja in Crazy Rich Asians. Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins is the full title of the film, which reveals that it is a prequel to the world of the legendary 1980s toys and less-than-classic Channing Tatum movies.

How does Snake Eyes relate to G.I. Joe?

Snake Eyes has been a member of the G.I. Joe toy line since it was relaunched in the early 1980s, when he was debuted as a mysterious black-clad figure whose true identity was kept a secret.

With 1982, the original Snake Eyes debuted in an all-black costume. This all-black design was actually a cost-cutting strategy after the team behind the toys overspent on paint for the rest of the series, according to a 2006 issue of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter.

The protagonist is a brilliant pick for his own film. Fans of G.I. Joe will recognize his name, but we never get to see his face, hear his voice, or learn his biography in the comics or toys. As a result, he’s effectively a blank canvas on which the new film may go in any manner it wants.

There are some lore elements that this new prequel film may choose to incorporate. He is unable to speak in G.I. Joe due to a tragic tragedy that left him scarred and damaged his vocal cords. Another version of the character was a Vietnam War veteran.

The character’s biography changed throughout time, and he transitioned from being a commando to a warrior with ninja training. The movie appears to be based on this version of the character, with the trailer showing Golding’s character learning to become a warrior with the Arashikage, a Japanese clan from G.I. Joe legend.

However, there isn’t a single classic companion for the guy in the trailer. Timber, his pet wolf from the animated series, was included in the 1985 edition of the toy. It’s still unclear whether Snake Eyes will meet his lupine pal in the film.

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