How Does the Film ‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’ Differ From the Book?


How Does the Film ‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’ Differ From the Book?

In the United States, The Last Letter From Your Lover was released on Netflix on July 23.

The love drama covers the lives of two women: Jennifer Stirling (Shailene Woodley) and Ellie Haworth (Jojo Moyes) and is based on Jojo Moyes’ 2012 novel of the same name (Felicity Jones).

Jennifer is an American woman in the 1960s who lives in London, while Ellie is a journalist in the twenty-first century.

Jennifer and Ellie’s storylines get intertwined when the latter discovers Jennifer’s love letters to a mysterious boyfriend named “B.” (Callum Turner).

But how does the movie compare to the book? What modifications have been made?

What is the plot of The Last Letter From Your Lover?

Jennifer is in the hospital following a vehicle accident in 1960, and she has no recollection of her life prior to waking up.

She has no idea who she is, who her husband Lawrence (Joe Alwyn) is, or how she ended up in this situation. A love letter from a mysterious individual named “B,” imploring her to leave her marriage for him, is the only clue to her identity.

Meanwhile, Ellie finds the identical letter in a box at her newspaper’s archive in 2003, and becomes determined to collect additional letters and learn more about Jennifer and her lover.

Her preoccupation with the love letters derives from her own tumultuous love life, as she begins to feel that if Jennifer and “B” found love, then she, too, will find love.

Is there a significant difference between the book and the film?

The plot’s core elements, namely Jennifer’s love letters to “B” and Ellie’s discovery of them, are mostly the same.

While this may be true, there are a few minor aspects that have been altered in the adaption.

For one point, in the book, Ellie is having an affair with a married man named John, a problematic relationship that is not depicted in the film.

Following a tough break-up, Ellie begins a connection with Rory (Nabhaan Rizwan), a man who works in her newspaper’s archives department, as they bond during her discovery and hunt for Jennifer’s letters.

Jennifer’s story has also changed in the film compared to the novel. This is a condensed version of the information.


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