Here’s What Happens to Eric, Stan, and Kyle in the Future in ‘South Park: Post Covid’ Special.


Here’s What Happens to Eric, Stan, and Kyle in the Future in ‘South Park: Post Covid’ Special.

In their new Paramount+ event South Park: Post Covid, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker gave their own vision of the future.

According to the South Park authors, when COVID-19 ends in forty years, the world will be meat-free and filled with autonomous automobiles, virtual reality headsets, singing doorbells, and amazingly realistic Alexa devices.

The one-hour program, which is currently available on Paramount+, also depicts what happens to each of the South Park characters. While we’ve seen Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman since they were nine years old, seeing them all in their late forties is a shock.

The following is a timeline of how all of the South Park characters are doing in the year 2061. Please be aware of the following South Park spoilers: Go ahead and post Covid.

Stan Marsh is a well-known figure in the

Stan Marsh’s future prospects are not promising. While a lady we presume is his wife screams at him to answer the phone, we encounter him hard at work as a “internet whisky consultant.”

He’s left South Park and now lives in the city. It’s revealed that he’s been estranged from his family, particularly Randy, for many years.

Kyle BroflovskiAdult Kyle BroflovskiAdult Kyle BroflovskiAd Kyle Broflovski no longer wears his signature green hat, but he still sports an orange coat. His striking red hair and moustache also help us recognize him as Kyle.

He’s never left South Park and tells Stan that he’s working on a “internet counseling start-up thing.” What happened to the Broflovskis is unknown, but Kyle appears to be single and living alone.

Jimmy Valmer is a character in the film Jimmy Valmer

During South Park: The Return, an episode of “Late Night with Jimmy” begins. It’s a post-Covid show, but it’s not hosted by Fallon or Kimmel; instead, Jimmy Valmer of South Park hosts it.

He’s always been a big comedy lover, and his ability to crack jokes has secured him a job as the host of a late-night show in the future. Because he claims it’s difficult to perform “comedy these days,” he launches into a series of exceedingly polite and supportive jokes during his introductory monologue. Eric Cartman is a fictional character that appears in the animated (Spoiler) Cartman has always been dismissive of Kyle because he is Jewish, making it difficult for Kyle and the audience to believe that Cartman is now a Rabbi.

Kyle isn’t convinced. This is a condensed version of the information.


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