Heidi Ferrer’s COVID battle was documented on Instagram before her death.


Heidi Ferrer’s COVID battle was documented on Instagram before her death.

Heidi Ferrer, a screenwriter whose credits include Dawson’s Creek episodes and the Paris Hilton comedy The Hottie & The Nottie, died at the age of 50.

Ferrer committed herself on May 26, 13 months after contracting COVID-19, according to her husband Nick Guthe.

“The tremendous physical discomfort and inability to sleep from the pain lead Heidi to the conclusion she would rather leave this world on her own terms before her condition worsened further,” Guthe said on his wife’s Girl to Mom blog on June 1.

“She would never have made this decision if it hadn’t been for her extreme suffering from Long Haul Covid,” he stated. It took away every aspect of her life over the course of 13 months: her mobility, her appreciation of eating (she had to eat a very restricted diet), and, finally, her capacity to sleep and even read and enjoy books.”

Ferrer has written about her battle with the new coronavirus, which she caught in April 2020, on her blog and Instagram account.

She highlighted symptoms such as clouded eyesight, acute pain in her feet, and weariness in a blog post dated September 8, 2020. Ferrer added that it seemed like her body was “attacking itself” at the height of her illness.

“I learned the perspective that, while I was not the unluckiest to die from this disease, I was also not the luckiest to never catch it or have a fully asymptomatic case,” she wrote. I was in the center, in a type of purgatory that occasionally crossed over into hell.”



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