Heart failure: New active ingredient against chronic heart failure.


“Chronic cardiac insufficiency is a serious disease in which the heart can no longer pump sufficient blood into the body’s circulatory system and supply the body cells with insufficient oxygen and nutrients,” explain the MHH researchers. To compensate for the lack of pumping power, the heart muscle enlarges abnormally and is further weakened as a result.

So far, chronic heart failure has no prospect of cure and the disease can be fatal. However, the researchers at the MHH have now tested a new active ingredient that may still enable successful treatment even in the chronic stage of heart failure. The study results were published in the “European Heart Journal”.

Chronic heart failure is a relatively widespread condition, in which so far only relief of the symptoms but no cure can be achieved. However, a new study by researchers at the Hanover Medical School (MHH) shows promising potential in so-called microRNA blockers to improve heart function.

New active ingredient developed

The abnormal growth of heart muscle cells in animals and humans is controlled by the non-coding microRNA miR132, which led the researchers to consider testing a synthetically produced counter compound (CDR132L). Now the team around Professor Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum and first author Dr. Sandor Batkai “has succeeded in demonstrating in the large animal model that the substance can block the main switch for cardiac hypertrophy and reverse chronic heart failure,” reports the MHH.

The active substance CDR132L belongs to the so-called RNA-based medicine and forms an artificially produced, perfectly fitting counterpart to the microRNA miR132, which is produced in increased quantities in the diseased heart. As an antisense oligonucleotide, it blocks the regulatory switch and thus prevents miR132 from stimulating the heart muscle cells to grow abnormally.

“In our study, we have shown that CDR132L was therapeutically effective and free of side effects,” Professor Thum emphasized. According to the expert, the substance could thus provide a new opportunity not only to alleviate the symptoms of heart failure, but also to cure the disease itself in its chronic stage. Currently, the molecule is already being tested in a clinical study on patients with heart failure. (fp)

New treatment for chronic heart failure
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