Health risk: There is too much salt in these snacks.


As the consumer service Bavaria in a report writes, the current nourishing trend goes already for some time away from the classical three main meals to snacks. These flexible mini meals are very popular with German consumers. For many, snacks do not rank as a small snack between meals but replace the classic main meal. Unfortunately, salty snacks in particular are at the top of the popularity scale.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner: It used to be very common to limit oneself to the three main meals. But now many people prefer to eat several smaller meals spread over the day. Unfortunately, they often choose snacks that contain too much salt. And that endangers their health.

“For hunger in between, burgers, fish rolls, Chinese and Turkish snacks, pizza, nuts, chips and snacks are particularly popular,” explains Renate Bleistein, nutrition expert at VerbraucherService Bayern im KDFB e.V. (VSB).

Too much salt is harmful to health

But by the consumption of salty snacks the daily food salt supply of six gram per day for adults and two to five gram for children and young people recommended by the German society for nutrition (DGE) is exceeded fast.

Besides results of a study of the University of Bonn let assume that a salt-rich food can weaken additionally the immune defense, writes the consumer service Bavaria on its web page.

According to a study of the Robert cook institute (RKI) the actual daily salt admission is on the average clearly higher: With women 8.4 gram and with men ten gram. “In the long run a too high food salt supply can damage the health and increase the risk for blood high pressure, cardiovascular diseases and predominance, so the Expertin.

“In order to save salt, it is recommended to do without the obligatory re-salting and to use fresh herbs, spices, onions or garlic instead of salt when preparing your own snacks, depending on your taste. In order to avoid particularly salty foods when shopping, the best way to help is to compare the nutritional value per 100 grams within a product group such as pizza or salt sticks,” recommends Bleistein. (ad)

Even if some producers, for example in the case of frozen pizzas and in the baking trade, adjust their recipes to reduce salt, this only affects a small part of the industry. Especially in the salty snacks segment, producers are still pleased with rising growth figures.

Too much salt in these snacks
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