‘Have a nice day, the music’s going to play,’ says a viral video of a neighbor’s argument.


‘Have a nice day, the music’s going to play,’ says a viral video of a neighbor’s argument.

A video of a heated argument between a guy and his purported neighbor went viral on TikTok before being shared to the “PublicFreakout” subreddit.

A man is videotaped stepping out of his front door asking a woman what she needed help with, but her response could not be heard, according to the TikTok account @secondfrog, which has over 600,000 views.

The man told the woman standing on the sidewalk, “You’re wasting your time.” “Go back to your house and take your a**.” You act as if we aren’t welcome in this area? For me, this area is a step back.” He went on to tell the woman, who was still standing in the same spot, to go home and “mind her own business.” Before turning to return inside the house, the man stated, “It’s not against the law to play music in this nation, OK?”

The woman demanded a copy of the tape, prompting another reply from the man and another woman with whom he was conversing.

“You look and sound foolish, Karen,” the man continued, using a slur for unpleasant or entitled white women. “Have a nice day, and the music’s going to play,” he said before concluding, “Have a nice day, and the music’s going to play.” It’s unclear why the lady contacted the man, but the video showed it wasn’t the first time the neighbors had a fight because the man said she “keeps” coming over to his house.

According to an East Coast West Coast Express blog post, those who have frequent complaints from their neighbors should ask for precise specifics regarding the problem and how it affected them. To prevent increasing the disagreement, they should investigate if the charges are real and choose their words wisely when dealing with the matter.

People are encouraged to explain why they are unable to comply with their neighbor’s request if the accusations are false. The individual should then make a record of what they said and how the neighbor responded, and possibly try to reach an agreement.

On TikTok and Reddit, people had differing views on the incident.

“Yeah, for someone requesting them to turn, the individual who released this video comes out as really forceful.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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