Harrison Ford defends Dr. Fauci in Lincoln Project Ad, urging voters to play a “fire trump card” instead


Harrison Ford has defended Dr. Anthony Fauci in a video condemning Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The veteran actor has partnered with the Lincoln Project for the ad, which confirms the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

The video shows a clip of Trump supporters at a rally in Florida chanting “Fire Fauci!” to which the President replied: “Don’t tell anyone, but let me wait until shortly after the election”.

In the video, Ford and the Lincoln Project argue for the dismissal of Trump instead of Fauci, as the Indiana Jones actor lists the achievements of the doctor and the career counseling of every president since Ronald Reagan.

The Lincoln Project and Harrison Ford join forces to let Americans know that you can only keep one of them: Trump, or fauci. pic.twitter.com/WmimV0inTC

– The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) November 3, 2020

“He has served the American people tirelessly, honorably and selflessly, from Reagan to Bush, from Clinton to Bush, from Obama to Obama and now to Trump,” Ford says.

The 79-year-old ends the ad with a call for action: “Tomorrow you can only fire one of them. You have the choice.”

Fauci has warned of the impending difficulties the country faces as COVID-19 continues to spread.

“We are facing a lot of suffering. This is not a good situation,” Fauci told the Washington Post on Friday.

Fauci said former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign “takes it seriously from a public health perspective,” but that President Donald Trump “looks at it from a different perspective.

Biden twittered on Monday: “We need a president who actually listens to experts like Dr. Fauci.

We need a President who actually listens to experts like Dr. Fauci.

– Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) November 2, 2020

Ford’s Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill also participated in an ad for the Lincoln Project this week.

Entitled “Absentee”, Hamill’s contribution focuses on voting in absentia, how it began and why it’s still so important.

Donald Trump will not decide the future of the American leadership. The American people decide.

Thank you @HamillHimself for your vote.


– The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) November 3, 2020

“The tyranny did not end with the American Revolution,” he says. “Not for everyone. Not with a long shot. Nearly a hundred years of elected leadership failed to spell it wrong, and America went to war against ourselves to correct that. Never before has the truth been so clear: elections have consequences.”

Hamill goes on to say: “Now, more than 150 years later, tyranny is looking for a new foothold. President Trump has called for the election to be decided and only the ballots that are received by November 3. If he gets his way, many who cast absent ballots will not have their votes counted. This will deny thousands of troops overseas their most sacred right”.


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