Glenn Close cheers Joe and Kamala in Biden Mask and Aviators.


Glenn Close cheers the democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in her own unique way. The actress showed a series of photos on Tuesday afternoon, in which she wore a Biden mask and a pair of flying chutes. Close also wore a sweatshirt with the words “Unity Over Separation” with the Biden Harris logo, along with blue jeans and work boots.

“Joe feels GOOD,” she titled the Instagram post and added, “Pip is too! GO JOE AND KAMALA!!!” In the five pictures she poses with her dog and playfully throws her arms in the air.

Many fans agree that her Instagram is pretty perfect for election day. “Glenn, you’re the best!” enthused one user. “Your contributions of the last few days lift the mood!!!!,” another one struck.

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Close was one of the many attendees at the October 21 Broadway for Biden event, held by an “inclusive community of industry professionals and theater enthusiasts” who are united and determined to elect Biden as the next president.

She told Vogue last month that despite her enthusiasm for Biden, she had not been politically active since Clinton’s first campaign. “Frankly, I was kind of disillusioned with politics,” she remarked.

“It can be very awkward for someone who is considered a celebrity. Often there are many people who want to silence us for this reason, but I hate this word: celebrity. I consider myself first and foremost an American. A mother, an aunt, a sister and a member of one of the most important industries this country has.

Close added: “Even though I have not made so many political statements to date, I consider it my duty as an American to make my voice heard. If I did not, I would not be able to live with myself.

Close also said that the early voting helped to calm her nerves. “I went down to the courthouse, got my ballot and put it in the ballot box,” she remembered. “And that was really helpful as far as doing the most basic thing you can do to try to change things, so I hope everyone votes. That’s what this whole Broadway for Biden thing is for. Please vote! Hopefully for a change, because I think our collective nervous system can’t take it anymore”.

On October 26, the actor also called Pennsylvania voters to a telephone bank event “Women for Biden. According to CBS Philadelphia, she and volunteers made hundreds of calls on behalf of Biden and to encourage women to vote for officials who support women’s rights.


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