Gap Clothing has just published an advertisement about overcoming the political divide in America and people are not happy.


Twitter users do not like the timing of a new Gap clothing ad, which apparently asks for the reunification of America despite the politics. As the extension of Election Day unfolds and tension is high across the country, the clothing store has uploaded a video of a two-tone jacket, one side red and one side blue.

“The only thing we know is that we can move forward together,” the caption to the ad said. Just before Washington Newsday published this article, the original tweet was apparently deleted. But that didn’t stop him from zapping further in quote tweets on Twitter.

The tweet looked like a poison and showed how the jacket was zipped together. It had been twittered thousands of times in quote tweets, but only had about 300 “likes” before it was deleted. The mismatched numbers speak for the general reaction of Twitter users: Now is not the time to unite Democrats and Republicans, as everyone is eagerly waiting with different hopes for who will be announced as the next president.

“Maybe there’s a place where I can agree with racist, hateful Trump voters about how lame this is,” Fandom Managing Editor Eric Goldman wrote on Twitter.

Maybe there’s one place I can agree with racist, hateful Trump voters, and that’s about how lame this is.

– Eric Goldman (@TheEricGoldman) November 4, 2020

“Gap” literally means the space between two different sides. Your entire brand celebrates the split. So you might want to shut the f*** mouth” quote from tweeted artist Yoyoha.

Others called for “closing the gap,” but meant the clothing chain, not the political divide. Even NASA scientist Dr. Jessie Christiansen responded with a “Yiiiiiiiiiiiiikes” with an extended vowel.

While some commentators claimed that the hooded sweatshirt was just an ugly design choice, most took offence at Gap’s decision to make a statement on unification, as the country is undeniably divided. Some seemed to consider marketing irresponsible, which would imply a simple decision to “zip” the opposing sides together to resolve enmity, convenience or moral differences in 2020, as some conservatives and liberals held quite different views.

This comes at the same time as a trend in social media where some vociferous American citizens admit that they are breaking friendships and family ties because of political differences.

Election day was Tuesday, but with Wednesday afternoon coming, the next president of America has yet to be determined. At the time of publication, Joe Biden had 238 votes, while Donald Trump received 213 votes. To win the presidency, one of the two politicians must achieve 270 votes. At this point it seems possible that one of the two candidates will be declared the winner.

Gap Inc. owns several other clothing brands, including Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta. None of the other brand accounts made any statements after the election, although Old Navy and Athleta called on their supporters to vote.

Washington Newsday contacted Gap to comment on the message behind the ad, but received no response at the time of publication.


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