Fox News plays montage mocking Pandits’ predictions of the blue wave in the 2020 election.


Fox today mocked the Democrats by playing a montage of experts who predicted a blue wave for the 2020 election.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden was expected to lead a blue wave – but things did not turn out that way, and the conservative TV station made fun of its liberal counterparts.

The Biden campaign had high hopes of turning over historically red states like Georgia and Texas. But these supposed blue benefits began to fade as these states called for trumps; first Iowa, then Texas, Ohio, and Georgia.

Even the early-named state of Arizona is currently controversial as the vote there is still ongoing.

At Fox and Friends on Thursday, anchors shared a montage of several experts who predicted a blue wave of assumptions and estimates that ultimately did not materialize.

Media reporter Joe Concha of The Hill, who appeared on the program, spoke of the “shy Trump” voter as the reason the poll forecasts were so angry.

“I saw a poll, I think it was about a month or two ago, and a lot of people are afraid to share their political affiliation with anyone, even just any person on the phone, because they’re afraid of any kind of consequences, and we’ve seen how the Cancel culture actually shuts these people out,” Concha told Fox and Friends.

“Why is this happening? Is it to create an illusion that Joe Biden might have had this huge head start and why bother going out? In situations like this it’s almost like a psychological repression of voices to say, “Okay, look, Joe Biden is 17 points ahead in Wisconsin, why even bother? That’s right. These are the consequences of that.”

Another publication owned by Rupert Murdoch, The New York Post, reported on the front page today about the wrong polls.

“Their predictions were not only wrong, but often very wrong. On Wednesday morning, Biden was only 1.9 percentage points ahead of Trump; the Prez had a good chance of winning the election overall,” the article said.

Despite coverage of the absence of a predicted blue wave, Fox News itself has come under heavy scrutiny as it was the first to call Arizona in favor of Biden, prompting many to boycott the station in favor of Newsmax.

On Wednesday night a crowd of about 200 people filled the parking lot in front of the Maricopa County Election Center in Arizona with the chant “Fox News Sucks”.


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