Former’Anti-Vaxxer’ ICU Patient Regrets Refusing Vaccine: ‘I Believed in the Hype’


Former’Anti-Vaxxer’ ICU Patient Regrets Refusing Vaccine: ‘I Believed in the Hype’

In a story that aired on Wednesday, Philly Baird of Ripon, California, told a local news station that he once believed anti-vaccination propaganda. Now, as he fights for his life in an intensive care unit (ICU) with COVID-19 and pneumonia, he’s encouraging vaccine-resistant people to get the shot.

Baird is one of 25 persons in an ICU in Joaquin County as a result of the coronavirus. From his hospital bed at Doctors Hospital in Manteca, he spoke with local NBC station KCRA-TV, warning people not to think the way he did.

He told the station, “If I can help save anyone, I’m willing to use my voice to do that.”

Baird, who had his name legally changed to show his support for the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team, said he first felt ill four weeks ago after returning home from a trip to Reno, Nevada.

His illness began to feel like a common cold, he said, but it quickly worsened. His symptoms worsened to the point where friends persuaded him to go to the emergency room. The ER staff gave him medicine and sent him home, but he began to feel considerably worse days later, prompting friends to intervene.

Baird told KCRA, “They know I’m stubborn, so they phoned 911 for me.”

Doctors told him he had a 50% chance of survival if he didn’t go to the ICU once he was admitted back into the hospital. Baird admitted to the TV station that he was terrified, but that a phone call from his best friend persuaded him to proceed.

He’s been in the intensive care unit for the previous three weeks. He has been documenting his fight on social media since he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

On Facebook, Baird has been posting updates about his condition. In one message, he wrote, in part: “Trust me, you do not want to be fighting for your life like how I am every minute of every day in ICU. I hurt every day. Not only the physical pain but the major emotional and mental pain.”

He continued, “I cannot walk—I cannot even use the bathroom without complete help and loss of every bit of energy stored up. I need. This is a brief summary.


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