For three days, a monkey holds a newborn puppy captive in the trees.


For three days, a monkey holds a newborn puppy captive in the trees.

In Malaysia, a wild monkey adopted his own two-week-old puppy and spent three days scouring electricity cables and lofty trees with it. Locals were finally able to save the newborn puppy, who was called Saru after being adopted.

Residents gathered around the scene when they saw the wild macaque taking the small puppy up to the top of a tall electrical pole, some holding bananas.

Residents saw the wild monkey tightrope across power wires and bounce through large trees before coming to a halt at the top of one. Some locals suspect the monkey kidnapped a stray dog from a neighboring litter.

Bystander Cherry Lew Yee Lee told Newsflare, “It appeared like it was treating the dog as a buddy or its infant, it was quite unusual.”

A bystander captures the macaque carrying the puppy as if it were one of his own children in the video. The puppy is shown attempting to elude the macaque’s grasp but failing.

The footage was taken just outside a community flanked on one side by buildings and on the other by rainforest. The monkey is perched at the top of a large tree near the forest’s edge.

Residents believe the macaque was part of a gang of monkeys known for stealing food from homes in the area. They are now concerned that the monkeys are taking their pets, as some cats and dogs have gone missing in the region, according to Newsflare.

Residents are seen in parts of the video ready with huge nets and blankets in the hopes of saving the puppy. The monkey returned to the forest’s edge for food on several occasions, but scurried through the woods afterward. Residents decided to terrify the monkey by tossing tiny rocks and pieces of wood at him on the third day.

The monkey eventually dropped the puppy into the grass below and vanished into the trees. Residents in the area can be heard joyfully cheering and clapping in celebration of the successful rescue efforts.

The puppy was taken home by a local who had it evaluated for injuries. The puppy received a clean bill of health and now lives happily in his new home.

As a result of the increasing number of public complaints regarding wild animals. This is a condensed version of the information.


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