For charity, a father sets a new world record by completing 1.5 million pushups.


For charity, a father sets a new world record by completing 1.5 million pushups.

A father from Wisconsin has gone to near-impossible lengths to inspire his children while also raising funds for a worthy cause.

Nate Carroll of Winneconne, Wisconsin, performed his 1,500,231st push-up on Sunday, according to The Wisconsin State Journal.

Carroll is using the challenge to collect money for the Tunnels to Towers Foundation, which provides housing and mortgage assistance to the families of cops and firemen slain in the line of duty. He is averaging 4,100 push-ups per day, with some days topping 7,000.

Carroll also wishes to instill in his own children a valuable lesson in accomplishing one’s goals. Carroll told Fox News he wanted to “show to my kids what seemingly insurmountable ambitions look like when broken down into daily achievable bites.”

“I recognized that if this challenge was to be accepted, it had to have more substance to it than just breaking a record,” he continued. “What was most noticeable was my awareness of how my body felt and responded to the stress of hundreds of push-ups each day,” he noted, adding that while his muscle tone did improve over the course of the year.

The “most striking shift was…mental strength and the idea that the body is a marvelous creation, and if properly cared for and conditioned, can tolerate great physical stress and do incredible feats,” he told Fox News.

He set a new record for push-ups during halftime of the 48th annual Fun City Bowl, a football game for New York City first responders, to commemorate the occasion.

Carroll, a social worker, has been doing most of his push-ups in between his everyday tasks for the past year, transforming his living room and workplace into a makeshift gym. “Trying to balance this many push-ups with being a father and working full-time brings challenges that you must occasionally overcome,” he told The Wisconsin State Journal.

“I aim to incorporate push-ups into my daily routine.” It’s impossible to set aside time to do 4,000 push-ups. You must make it a top priority and be willing to commit to it, as well as accept the fact that you must incorporate it. This is a brief summary.


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