For ‘American Horror Story: Death Valley,’ Leslie Grossman Teases a ‘Wildly Inventive’ Plot.


For ‘American Horror Story: Death Valley,’ Leslie Grossman Teases a ‘Wildly Inventive’ Plot.

Fans of American Horror Story are eagerly anticipating what Part 2 of Season 10 will offer, with “Red Tide” coming to a dramatic—and bloody—end.

The second half of Double Feature, titled “Death Valley,” has mostly remained a mystery, with Ryan Murphy only giving a link to aliens and that it takes place “by the sand,” as opposed to the previous part’s “by the sea.”

Despite the secrecy surrounding the second half of the 10th season, Leslie Grossman spoke to This website about the plot’s “wildly imaginative” nature.

Grossman, who played agent Ursula in Part 1 and will play an unknown figure in Part 2, enthused over co-creator Murphy’s vision, but was wary of giving away any spoilers for fear of being sent to “American Horror Story jail.”

“I think the thing that I love so much about [American] Horror Story is that there are always little connections and Easter Eggs that are left for the fanbase, and so there’s always a tie and a connection with all of the seasons,” she said, attempting to describe the season without giving too much away.

“I will say it is crazily innovative, and once again, I don’t understand how Ryan does it, that ten years and ten seasons in, he’s able to come up with these extremely fresh, utterly unique, highly particular ideas,” Grossman continued.

“I believe that people will enjoy it. It’s quite unique, and it’s very clever!”

“I often say, when it comes to spoilers for American Horror Story, we are under tight direction not to give anything away, and I always hate that I can’t even leave the tiniest crumb,” she added.

“I can say I’m in the second half, I can say I’m in the second half… I’m trying to come up with something to say! You’re going to be imprisoned in American Horror Story prison.”

Grossman was eager to explain that “Death Valley” was “its own complete plot,” but she stressed that she was “strictly forbidden” from spoiling the film.

While narrative specifics for “Death Valley” are still few, the cast has been revealed, and Grossman will be joined by a number of franchise veterans.

Sarah Paulson will play a pivotal part. This is a condensed version of the information.


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