Fans Go Crazy as Destiny’s Child Reunite for ‘Group Chat’


Fans Go Crazy as Destiny’s Child Reunite for ‘Group Chat’

Michelle Williams, the lead vocalist of Destiny’s Child, surprised fans on Wednesday by sharing a photo of herself reuniting with her bandmates.

The singer, 41, shared the photo on Instagram, showing her posing in the kitchen with Beyoncé, 39, and Kelly Rowland, 40, who was holding her four-month-old baby, Noah.

Williams, who recently launched her book Checking In, in which she chronicles her mental health experience, captioned the photo, “Checking In Group Chat.” “Everyone has gathered in the ‘kitchen!’”

Williams, an Illinois native, supplemented the photos with a series of audio excerpts from her conversations with her fellow vocalists.

“Look who checked in with me yesterday!!!” she wrote. This is the only time we’ll let you listen in on our group talks!! #checkingin #theunionyouveallbeenwaitingfor.”

“I adore my girls to life!” the actress added. Thank you very much, ladies! Okay, my new book, Checking In, is now available! Check in with yourself as well as others. I love you, and I’ll check in with God tonight!”

Beyoncé was heard saying in one of the recordings: “Oh, how we adore and miss you. Mimi, we are extremely proud of you.

“You are such an inspiration to both of us—we love watching you grow into the person you are and for the rest of the world to witness your impact, wisdom, and lovely advice.”

“What do you hope the world benefits from your book in terms of knowledge?” Rowland asked Williams.

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