Experts Have Suggested When to Take Down Christmas Decorations.


Experts Have Suggested When to Take Down Christmas Decorations.

After Christmas Day and Twixmas, the focus naturally shifts to cleaning up the house and putting away the tree and holiday decorations in boxes and lofts out of sight and mind.

However, even after Christmas has passed for another year, some people are still hung up on the festive atmosphere, leading them to wonder what the final possible day to take down the Christmas decorations and tree is.

Following December 25, 2021, the Washington Newsday enlisted the help of some experts to determine the best time to take down holiday decorations.

Debbie Marks, a QubeLuxe Style and Decor specialist, believes that we should make the most of this most festive of seasons.

“The official conclusion of the festive season is the 6th of January,” she told The Washington Newsday, “therefore taking decorations down any time between the 1st and the 6th is suggested.”

“However, I strongly believe that we should not keep our homes bare all year, and that we can still enjoy beautiful décor throughout each season, so when we take down our decor, we should replace it with different decor that we can still enjoy.” That way, you’ll be surrounded by happiness in your home all year.” Frances Tilstone of Scribbler, a greetings card company, also says that you should not be in a rush to get rid of your Christmas decorations.

“January is typically thought to be a very drab and gloomy month, and even features “Blue Monday,” labeled the most miserable day of the year,” she told The Washington Newsday. We, like many others, aren’t looking forward to returning to normalcy or experiencing the infamous post-Christmas slump.

“As a result, we advocate prolonging the Christmas season as much as possible by keeping your decorations up till the New Year – especially if it makes you joyful.”

Essential Living’s interior designers believe that cheerful decor has various advantages for us, so “why not make it last?”

“This is especially considering the amount of work it takes to set things up in the first place,” they told The Washington Newsday.

They went on to say that having Christmas decorations has a variety of psychological benefits, ranging from enhancing mood to providing incentives to spend time with family during this magical season.

“The,” they said. This is a condensed version of the information.


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