Exercise without leaving your desk.


“It is important to integrate as much exercise as possible into your daily routine, but this can be difficult if you are stuck at your desk and don’t have much time to exercise,” says expert Dani P. Johnson from the Healthy Living Program at the renowned Mayo Clinic (USA). She therefore recommends five different movement exercises that can also be performed at the desk.

Integrating sufficient movement into everyday life is often a real challenge, especially for people who work a lot at their desks. So here are five tips for movement exercises that you can do without leaving your desk!

The various movement exercises were developed at the Mayo Clinic especially for people who spend hours working at their desks. Here it was important to find a solution that would allow people to exercise all day long without having to leave their desk, the expert explains.

Special movement exercises developed

“We wanted to develop five really simple exercises that you can do with a desk and a chair in a small space, so that movement can be more easily integrated into the day,” explains Johnson.

The five recommended Mayo Clinic exercises are

“If you do this four or five times a day, you really get a lot of resistance training and body weight exercises in a very short period of time,” the expert continues. And last but not least, exercise during the working day can also have positive effects on productivity. (fp)

In the Mayo Clinic article, the performance of the various exercises is also explained in a video. Overall, the series of five exercises lasts only a few minutes and is designed to be repeated at regular intervals throughout the day, Johnson emphasizes.

Five tips for movement exercises at the desk
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