Euphoria” special edition: When it is broadcast and how to watch online


While Euphoria Season 2 may still be a few months away, HBO is releasing two specials to keep fans waiting until next season’s release date. The first of these specials, “Trouble Don’t Last Always”, focuses on Rue (played by Zendaya) as it was scheduled to air on HBO on December 6th. However, as a very early Christmas present, the show was aired a few days earlier on HBO Max so that fans could enjoy it.

What time will the special program “Euphoria Rue” be broadcast?

On Sunday, December 6, the Christmas show Euphoria will be broadcast on HBO Max at 9 pm. The station will also broadcast the first season in full length on December 5 from 10 pm.

Three days before this release, however, Zendaya surprised fans of the teen drama with a tweet: “Euphoria Part 1:Rue …streaming early on @hbomax tonight 9 pm PST / 12 am EST. I hope you like it, you missed Rue Rue very much”.

This is how you can watch the Euphoria Special online

As Zendaya revealed, “Trouble Don’t Last Always” is now being broadcast on HBO Max. This means that new subscribers to the streaming service can watch the new episode for free. The service offers a seven-day free trial period. After that, the service will cost $14.99 per month to access its extensive catalog of HBO shows and, as announced this week, all of Warner Bros. 2021’s movies (as well as Euphoria Season 1 and the upcoming second special when it is released).

In other areas, the special is not expected to be discontinued prematurely, but rather after the episode airs on HBO on Sunday. It is also not expected to air early on other streaming services that include HBO, including HBO Go.

What will happen to the Euphoria special?

In the official summary of “Trouble Don’t Last Always” it says: “After Jules was left at the train station and suffered a relapse, the first special episode will follow on Rue, as she celebrates Christmas.

In the special episode, Rue usually talks to the sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo) in a diner. Domingo told Esquire about it: “I think it’s really great that they said it’s a special episode because I think it’s actually very special. I think it’s an opportunity for two people who are addicts to have a very rough conversation. I think it’s a great opportunity for you to catch your breath with [Rue] and for her to just be honest with someone who just wants her to be honest.

The first euphoria special is now running on HBO Max and will be broadcast on HBO on Sunday, December 6th. Euphoria Season 1 will now be broadcast on HBO Max.


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