Elimination of the “masked singer”: This was the celebrity who hid behind the squiggly monster costume.


So long, squiggly monster!

The slant-eyed contestant was the last mystery singer to drop out of the fourth season of The Masked Singer after an energetic performance of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones in episode 6 on Wednesday.

Although she admitted that Squiggly’s clues really confused her and she wondered if it was Al Franken or Ted Dansen who was hiding behind the elaborate multicolored costume, Judge Jenny McCarthy decided to stick with her first impression of the candidate: Bob Saget. Judge colleague Robin Thicke had exactly the same first impression and was even more confident that it was Saget, who pretended to be Squiggly after his performance on Wednesday night.

Judge Ken Jeong originally thought Squiggly was Fabio, but he made the smart move to change his guess to Saget as well. Meanwhile, Nicole Scherzinger’s first guess was that Squiggly was one of the Atlanta rappers, the Ying Yang Twins, but she changed her guess and chose Gary Cole.

Guest judge Wayne Brady also had a few ideas about who he thought was performing under the guise of the Squiggly Monster. He said that at first he thought the candidate might be the rapper Mystikal, but all the political innuendo and comic innuendo in Squiggly’s message spool made him believe it must have been Saget who was hiding behind the costume.

After a few rounds of chanting the characteristic phrase of the masked singer “Take it off”, host Nick Cannon finally got the candidate’s costume head off and revealed who was hiding behind the Squiggly monster’s disguise: none other than Bob Saget, Full House’s favorite father.

“What you’re doing here is why I wanted to do this,” Saget said. “We are all going through a difficult time. I get to be part of your joy, and that’s so much needed. They said, ‘You want to be a squiggle monster?’. They sent me a picture of it, and I said, ‘Yes.'”

As for the Season 4 eliminations, Saget joins the former Group C member Lips, who turned out to be Wendy Williams. Group B members Mark Sanchez and Mickey Rourke, who posed as Baby Alien and Gremlin respectively, are also eliminated, as are Group A dragon Busta Rhymes, also known as the rapper Busta Rhymes, and Brian Austin Green, who posed as a giraffe.

The participants in Group C – jellyfish, mushrooms and broccoli – are moving on to the next round of The Masked Singer, where they will soon compete against the members of Group B – seahorses, snake, crocodile and whatchamacallit – and the members of Group A – sun, popcorn and snowy owls.


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